Welcome to Maulel!

 Hello there newcomer! Are you looking for a totally new warrior cat roleplay to partake in? Well fear not for Maulel is here to offer you such a grand new and fresh roleplay!

You can cloud gaze with Skyclan, hide in the shadows with Umbraclan, swim in the moors with Marshclan, pad rocky terrain with Cavernclan, dive into the ocean with The Tribe of Crashing Waves, settle down and live a pampered life as a kittypet or tough it out as a rogue or loner! 

The best part about Maulel, however is not because it's a warrior cat roleplay site, no it's much more than that. After a few more tweaks in construction - Maulel will have many more roleplays to offer, such as an Undertale Roleplay, a Steven Universe Roleplay and so much more. Stay tuned for the announcement on when the Multi-Roleplay tab will be released!

 Maulel is currently run by its two owners Willowby and Chap. If you want to see more of the staff please refer to the Staff page on the tabs bar.

We welcome you with open paws and we hope you'll enjoy your stay! Get ready and fight for your clan, or hunt for your tribe, or get pets from your twoleg owners, or roughing it with the rogues cause here we go! 


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