The Moon Cove is located within two large mountains. The mountain caves are dimly illuminated by the cavern walls sparkling in the darkness. There are many tunnels and twists and turns and it's easy for clan cats t lose their way forevermore. However cats who get lost, if they know what to look for, will follow the paths with pale icy blue light. They will find their way out of the first mountain and will be on a mountain bridge, the rocky bridge is the final stretch to the Moon Cove. Once cats get to the other side they'll enter a hollowed out cave with a pond of crystal clear, icy cold, water. Within the water are stepping stones to a ledge just behind a gentle tumbling water fall. On the ledge there is a carved out slab of sapphire in the shape of a crescent moon. This is where leaders come to get their nine lives and medicine cats have meetings in cave clearing next to the beautiful pool of water.  



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