Marshclan Territory

Marshclan's territory is settled in a deep marsh, the marsh consists of a huge weeping willow, a rock moss covered swamp area, a peaceful and relaxing pond, a wet and damp hilly plain and finally a relatively dry leafy hollow to train apprentices.

The Woeful Willow


The Woeful Willow is the most robust willow in the entire territory.  This willow is named Woeful Willow due to a story passed down from the clans. About two star crossed lovers. There once was two cats from different clans who loved each other very much. However one day, there was a war between the clans against Umbraclan. During the war one of the two lovers were fatally wounded. One of the lovers belonged to Marshclan the other belonged to Umbraclan. The wounded warrior, knowing that they were dying came to this willow. This willow was their secret meeting place. Devastated by the loss of their mate, the Marshclan cat named the willow Woeful Willow because it's always dismal and it has a sad aura around it. This is the place where Marshclan buries their dead.  

Mossyrock Swamp


The Mossy Rock Swamp is the best place to catch frogs, toads and lizards. Thankfully this swamp is peaceful and serene with no large predators. This swamp is a popular spot for sunbathing because of how warm the rocks get.

Serene Shoal

The Serene Shoal is a very relaxing area, with a small waterfall flowing off the rocks. The waterfall is nearly silent due to the way the ledges are structured. Here, Marshclan cats can catch a variety of fish. 

Hilly Wetlands


The Hilly Wetlands is a popular place to catch different kinds of birds due to the hills offering up worms and other such aquatic bugs which attract flocks of feathered fowl.

Leafy Hollow


The Leafy Hollow is the driest place out of Marshclan territory. This is where Marshclanners train their apprentices.

Clan Mews






Tribe Of Misty Waters:

Current Season


It is now Leaf-fall, cold winds are starting to stir in the air and the leaves have already changed color and have fallen. It is advised to take caution and keep yourself warm. Unless you want to be facing the possibility of ill health. Not to mention Leaf-bare is appraoching fast. Prey is fast becoming scarce, so remember to save up for the Leaf-bare ahead.


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