Umbraclan Camp

Deep in a heavily wooded forest lies an abandoned cemetery where Umbraclan calls home. To outsiders, this is a dreadfully frightening place, but to cats of Umbraclan, it's where they belong. There is a thick, half dead hedge that surrounds the entire camp, leaving only a small space for warriors to get through.

In the middle of the cemetery there is a break in the rows of headstones, leaving virtually empty space, except for the large gravestone, the Stone Slab, in the very middle. The leader [Redstar] makes announcements from the Stone Slab. All of the dens are ancient mausoleums with cracks in their walls that cats use as entrances/exits. The Warriors' den is the largest of the dens.

However, the nursery is made from a very large, abandoned badger den located beside the warriors' den. There is always a guard posted at the nursery.


Warriors Den

Apprentices Den


Elders Den

Medicine Cat Den

Leader Den

Clan Mews






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