Shadowclan Territory

Shadowclan's territory is shrouded in silhouettes and mystery. Their territory includes the Charred Twoleg Den-an abandoned cottage where mice and rats can be found. The Phantom Tree, an old tree shrouded in legends of cats long since passed. The Outlands - an old abandoned Twoleg park left to be eroded away with time. And finally The Pines - a long since forgotten small village of twolegs. It is where Shadowclanners train their apprentices, old wooden structures that were once homes to twolegs still stand. There is also a well within the middle of the forgotten town. Warriors and Apprentices alike avoid the well seeing as it is a hazard there is also rumors that a feline of darkness lives within it.

Charred Twoleg Den


 Within the territory of Shadowclan there is an old and large twoleg house. The twoleg house is charred and rotting. Inside the home there are strange and old bones, probably from the twolegs that once roamed there. It is an unstable place in the territory. Warriors and apprentices alike have to be careful on where they tread. Mice and rats can be caught here and taken back to the clan.

The Phantom Tree


 Deep inside of Shadowclan territory in the thick parts of the wood, there is an old and eerie looking tree. This tree earned its name the Phantom Tree because Shadowclan cats swear that spirits of cats whom have passed on can be seen during the hours of dusk. Ravens and Crows can be hunted here.

The Outlands


 The Outlands consist of a large baseball field and the rusty ruins of an old playground. This playground was abandoned eons ago and left to rot and rust. Minnows and tadpoles can be caught from the shallow pools of murky water within the playground.

The Pines


There is a small section of Shadowclan that used to be part of a small town, however that town has long since been in ruins and now a forest of shadows has taken its place. This is where Shadowclanners train their apprentices. 

Clan Mews






Tribe Of Misty Waters:

Current Season


It is now Leaf-fall, cold winds are starting to stir in the air and the leaves have already changed color and have fallen. It is advised to take caution and keep yourself warm. Unless you want to be facing the possibility of ill health. Not to mention Leaf-bare is appraoching fast. Prey is fast becoming scarce, so remember to save up for the Leaf-bare ahead.


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