Cavernclan Territory


 The land claimed by this elusive clan consists of winding and hidden caves. There are numerous places in Caverclan showing how tough it is to live the life of a Cavernclan cat. Such as the Echoing cave, which one could get easily lost within, the sloped plateau, and the broken ledge. There's also places like the hidden grotto and the crystal circle where Cavernclanners train their apprentices.






Clan Mews






Tribe Of Misty Waters:

Current Season


It is now Leaf-fall, cold winds are starting to stir in the air and the leaves have already changed color and have fallen. It is advised to take caution and keep yourself warm. Unless you want to be facing the possibility of ill health. Not to mention Leaf-bare is appraoching fast. Prey is fast becoming scarce, so remember to save up for the Leaf-bare ahead.


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