Skyclan Territory

Skyclan Territory is a lush and beautiful place. There's a meadow of blue bells surrounded by hills, followed by it there is a valley of blossoms the valley is a popular hotspots for herbs. Beyond that there is the small Hill Fields, the territory where Skyclan buries the dead, and finally there is a cloudy canyon and the underground chamber. The underground chamber is used for training apprentices. 

Bluebell Meadow

Bluebell Meadow

This is Bluebell Meadow, it is a place that is teeming with mice, rabbits and birds for the clan. This is a coveted piece of land by the other clans, due to it being a plentiful land of prey.

Blossom Valley


Blossom valley is a hot-spot for herbs. This is why it is another coveted strip of land by the other clans for its abundance of herbs. The medicine cat and/or their apprentice frequently visit this place for herbs. Not only is it excellent for providing herbs, it also provides shrews, voles and a variety of fowl.


Small Hill Fields 


Small Hill Fields are a vast stretch of land where Skyclanners can come to relax and sun bathe. This is also the grounds in which they bury the dead.

Cloudy Canyon


The Cloudy Canyon, discovered at the cost of a former deputy's life, is bay far the most perilous part of Skyclan territory. Seemingly it is always veiled under a thick coverage of clouds. On rare occasions the clouds thin out and birds of all shapes, sizes and colors can be located here. That also includes birds of prey like eagles and hawks. Kits are forbidden to enter the canyon and an apprentice must have two or more warriors with them. Warriors must also have another partner with them at all times.


Underground Chamber


This underground paradise was hollowed out by many years of erosion. This is the place where warriors train their apprentices. It's a vast chamber, with a small stream running through it, grassy platforms and a couple of trees.


Clan Mews






Current Season


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